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My English Learning Path Helpers on 2022

The hardest thing about learning English is couldn’t be exposed to it in your daily life.
If you are living in other countries in which especially people don’t use English as their native language. To make this path more effortless I have found a few mobile applications, YouTube Channels, etc.

The Main English Learning Application

I highly advise this to help you keep on the way. We are all humankind not prophets. You can choose your calendar to study English in a week. There are well-known three great applications Busuu, Duolingo, and Simpler. These are I know. They have free and paid options.


Speech Recognition Tool

Live Transcribe (Free – Play Store)
Live Transcribe is a skillful speech recognition tool. You can turn the conversation to text. It is very useful when you are doing listening especially in meetings.


Dicrionary.com Premium (Free/Paid – Play Store)
Very wise and wide English-English dictionary. This is the first application that I bought.

Vocabulary Tool

WordUp Vocabulary (Free/Paid – Play Store)
Yes, you can keep a vocabulary notebook still but there is an AI-powered tool for your vocabulary. Every expectation from this tool is met. Keeps your vocabularies organized, remind you until it ensures you memorize them. Also, it has categorized and most used words index.

Practice Tools

WoodPecker (Free/Paid – Play Store)
Has a large video library. You can easily pause/repeat at the exact time where the sentence starts.

English Grammar Test (Free/Paid – Play Store)
Test your English grammar knowledge.

Learn English Sentence Master (Free/Paid – Play Store)
There is a beginner to expert levels. It tests your grammar knowledge in a more entertaining way.

Learn English With TV Series
This is my favorite youtube channel to make practices. I have learned a lot of English rules and vocabulary in this channel.

You find a great word to memorize or remember one and do you wonder about the usage of this or pronunciation? You can search over the video transcripts.

This is another great listening practice website

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This list will never end so if you know also a delightful application please don’t be shy to share it with me.


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